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Tomorrow at 5pm, we have a great opportunity to put Grounded into even more context: a conversation with Dan Fesperman, the author of Unmanned.

In this interview with the Baltimore Post-Examiner, Fesperman gives us a sneak peek into the sorts of things we may hear in more depth tomorrow.

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Get a taste — then check out the whole thing in our intimate Mulitz-Gudelsky Lab Theater!

This piece in yesterday’s Washington Post shows that Grounded isn’t going to stop being topical anytime soon.  The Obama administration is allowing sales of armed drones more widely, not just to the UK.  Armed drones will only be sold to allies making a good case for them, but countries from Italy to Turkey are hoping to take advantage of the policy change.

Drone Photography

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As we see in Grounded, looking through the eye of a drone allows us to see things we never could otherwise.  While this has dramatic implications for the military, it’s also being used by photographers to explore different worldviews.

Listen to George Brant talk about writing Grounded, tackling topic issues, and seeing productions across the country.

John Oliver on Drone Strikes

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Get a taste of this co-production with Everyman Theatre in these great videos.

Also, check out the official photography for this production here.